Stag´s Leap Artemis
Cabernet Sauvignon
Lýsing: Sensuous aromas of rich, dark chocolate, black cherries, and espresso immediately rise from the glass. As the wine opens, look for more subtle notes of violets, nutmeg, and truffles. The aromas carry over to the palate with additional flavors of cassis, orange peel, and clove. This medium to full-bodied wine has fine grained and smooth pebbly tannins. Its firm structure and fine balance make it a perfect accompaniment to classic chop house fare. Try this wine with any fine cut of steak and you will be delighted.
Vara Bers: SL0414
Framleiðandi: Stag´s Leap Wine Cellars
Ár: 2012
Áfengismagn: 13,5 %
Lítrar: 0,75
Verð ÁTVR: 7.897
Vnr ÁTVR: 10956
Annað: Nautasteik, villibráð
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