Truchard Pinot Noir
Lısing: Seven separate clonal selections of Pinot Noir grow on the Truchard Estate Vineyard. Each clone provides a unique element of fruit, spice, and texture to the final blend. The vines are planted in select sites that take full advantage of the thin soils, rolling hills, and cooler temperatures of the Carneros region. The 2003 Pinot Noir, Has smoky aromas of wild strawberry and ripe plum; combined with subtle notes of citrus blossom, earth, and sweet vanilla. The mouth is broad and silky - layered with bright flavors of cranberry, rhubarb, cherry, and toasted oak. Balanced acidity and delicate tannins focus the palate and provide a lingering finish of fruit and spice.
Vara Bers: TV0215
Framleiğandi: Truchard Vineyards
Ár: 2013
Áfengismagn: 13,5 %
Lítrar: 0,75
Verğ ÁTVR: 4.567
Vnr ÁTVR: 10945
Nıbyrjağ aftur
Annağ: Önd, nautasteik
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