Truchard Zinfandel
Lýsing: Truchard Vineyards produces the only Zin made entirely from Napa Carneros fruit. The vines grow on steep hillsides of volcanic rock and ash. The porous soils and cooler Carneros climate combine to make an exceptional wine, with unique flavors. The 2003 Zinfandel has a spicy nose of black cherry, boysenberry, and plum; perfumed with anise, cedar, and mint. The mouth is filled with bright, jammy flavors of cranberry, cherry, and cassis; followed by sweet vanilla. Ripe tannins and firm acidity focus the palate and provide a long peppery finish. (nánar)
Vara Bers: TV0510
Framleiđandi: Truchard Vineyards
Ár: 2010
Áfengismagn: 14,2 %
Lítrar: 0,75
Verđ ÁTVR: 4.075
Vnr ÁTVR: (10949)
Annađ: Svínasteik, mexíkóskur
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